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Mitzvot and Customs for Purim:

  1. The Reading of (and hearing of) the Megilla.  It is a Mitzvah for all men and women to hear the Megilla read twice, once in the evening and again during the next day.
  2. Mishloach Manot.  It is a Mitzvah to send at least two food items, of different types and ready-to-eat, to one other person to be delivered during Purim day.  The WK Mishloach Manot project does NOT fulfill this Mitzvah (although it is in keeping with other goals of the day) so one should try to send two items to at least one other person during the day.
  3. Matanot L’Evyoyim.  Two monetary gifts to those in need should be given to two people (one to each person) to be delivered during Purim day.  One can give Rabbi Stewart this Tzedeka to be distributed either locally or to those in need in the land of Israel.  It is more important to be generous in this Mitzvah than in the meal.
  4. Seuda.  It is a Mitzvah to have a festive meal during the day of Sunday, March 16. 
  5. Fast of Esther/Machazit HaShekel.   The Fast of Esther will take place on Thursday, March 13.  The fast  ends at 7:29 pm.
  6. Machazit HaShekel will also take place that day.  The custom is to contribute Tzedaka for the purpose of re-enacting the giving of a half-Shekel during this time of year to the Beit HaMikdash.  Baskets will be available throughout the afternoon and evening of March 13 for those wishing to give this gift.  It can also be fulfilled at later times.