Westwood Kehilla

Authorization for the Sale of Chometz


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Note: This is a bona fide sale; purchaser has the right to obtain your chometz at all times.

Italics are instructions to the sellerPlease read and follow carefully. 

  1. I hereby authorize Rabbi Avi Stewart, or the agent he appoints, to negotiate the sale of all chometz in my possession specifically, but not exclusively, what is located in the following rooms and closets:

List here, as detailed as possible, the places where the chometz for sale will be (e.g. taped kitchen cabinets…).  There is no need to write an address if it’s the same as the address on the bottom of the form.



  1. I further authorize Rabbi Avi Stewart to rent or sublease to the purchaser of this chometz the rooms or parts of the rooms in which the chometz is to be found.
  2. Any chometz not in my possession but to which I have legal ownership or responsibility, in whole or part, or which may arrive during Pesach, is also included in this authorization.

Chometz in my possession (Check all that apply):

__ Beer/Whiskey     __ Breads/Pastas     __Cereals/Oatmeal      __Cakes/Cookies     __ Cosmetics or Vitamins w/Chametz

The estimated total value of the chometz to be sold is $___________, including (list only substantial items.) The sale of Chametz is a valid business transaction that causes ownership of your chametz to go under the ownership of a non-Jew. As such incorrect amounts can result in an invalid transaction.


  1. The purchaser has free access to the chometz upon request.
  2. I also authorize Rabbi Stewart to rent or sell the following properties: (This is only for those who will not be at home at all during Pesach and are renting out their apartments to avoid “bedikah”. It is recommended to leave one room that will not be sold and perform Bedikat Chometz in that room the night before you leave)



  1. Rabbi Stewart may choose any legal instrument in accord with the Halacha for negotiating the above mentioned transaction.
  2. If not at home for Pesach, how can purchaser gain access to the premises (i.e. which neighbor has a key or phone # of seller)?


  1. Will you be in a different time zone on Erev(Eve of) Pesach or the last day of Pesach? If yes, fill in the next line.

Erev Pesach Location________________________ Last-Day Pesach Location_____________________

NAME (print) ______________________________________________   PHONE ______________________


ADDRESS _______________________________________________EMAIL________________________________




SIGNED _____________________________________________ DATE: _____________________


It is preferable to bring this completed and signed to the Rabbi in person to validate the authorization with a “kinyan suddar (a direct action of transfer of ownership)   If this is too difficult, you may send the signed form via to avistewart@gmail.com.  Please call Rabbi Stewart  at (424) 256-5134 to confirm receipt. The Rabbi must have the form no later than Thursday Afternoon, March 29th , 2018 at 4:00 p.m.

Click here for a PDF version