Westwood Kehilla

Pesach Resources 2018

As Pesach quickly approaches, we will do our best to keep you informed of news and announcements regarding products and other useful information. Please check back here often as things will change and be added as they become available.

WESTWOOD KEHILLA, 5778, 2018 PASSOVER TIMES – Click here for Word Doc.

Get Smart for the Seder — Rabbi Avi Stewart’s Haggadah shiur with clever insights and stories to share at your Seder table. Audio and video of the classes can be found here.

The Authorization for the Sale of Chometz form can be found here. A PDF version is available here.

Cleaning guidelines for NON-ORGANIC ROMAINE HEARTS from the RCC to help ensure an EASY yet KOSHER PESACH.

Many people have been asking what needs to be immersed in a mikvah and what does not. See here for a user-friendly guide to these issues.

The KosherQuest magazine is now available for download here.

Quick Kashrus Insights with Rabbi Eidlitz on Wine and Matza. Click here for video.

For people of Sephardic heritage click here for a reliable Pesach resource.

The Star-K website has a plethora of information about Pesach.

The Orthodox Union has a helpful site as well, including a search for product box.