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5779 Membership Application

5779 Membership Application
Dear Members and Friends:

We hope this letter finds you and yours well.

As we reflect on the year 5778, we recall numerous occasions in which we shared laughter, tears, and inspiration. We take pride in our many accomplishments. The Shul is more active than ever before. We are a bastion of Torah, Tefilah, and Chesed. Our home hospitality is second to none. Our attendance at shiurim and minyanim is better than ever, and our social lives have been enhanced by communal Shabbatonim and projects.

The Kehilla is a place where anyone can feel comfortable. We are the focal point of the community and we are here to be of service. We look forward to another year of growth and inspiration – a 5779 filled with Torah, Tefilah, and Chesed.

Please fill out and return the Kehilla Membership Application online, by email, letter, or giving it to our Executive Director personally. We are pleased to tell you that there has been no increase in dues this year. Unless you have updated information, you need not fill out the information about children, etc., if you have done this previously. Please send your request for seats to Zach Samuels at zsamuels@aol.com. Put “5779 Seats” in the subject line. Your seats will be assigned once your Membership Application has been processed by the Shul.

This year, all of our air conditioners (3) have had to be replaced. They could no longer be repaired, and we want you to be comfortable whenever you come to Shul. To help pay for this, the Board has established a Building Fund with an annual fee of $200 per family and $100 for single persons. This will help pay for the air conditioners and for any other repairs that have to be done to the building. This amount has been added to the dues. We thank you for your generosity in helping make the Shul a comfortable place for davening. Anyone can make a contribution to the Building Fund, and we welcome larger donations, as well.

For those of you who are Members, please send your application and payment to the Shul by August 15, 2018. If we have not received your Membership Application by that date, we will be sending you an invoice showing the amount of dues you paid last year, with a request that we are able to charge the amount on your credit card on file with the Shul. If you do not have a credit card on file, please send a check. Please respond promptly with your request for seats. Thank you.

With best wishes to you and your family for a Healthy, Happy, New Year and the blessing of peace for Klal Yisrael.

Rabbi Avi Stewart

Zach Samuels, President

  • All Memberships include Free High Holiday seats for family & friends (Reservations Required).

    Memberships now also include the required $10 OU Fee (which is paid directly to the OU) and contributions to the Building Fund at $200 per family and $100 per individual.

    Membership will not be denied any individual or family due to financial circumstances. Special arrangements will be made in a sensitive and confidential manner. Please call the Office at (310) 441-5288 ext. 2 for assistance.

  • Price: $54.00

    Would you like to donate $54 towards the Los Angeles ERUV? (This donation is recommended but not required) Enter “1” as the Quantity to accept or “0” to decline.
  • Please tell us how many High Holiday seats you will need for both men and women. Seating is free for all friends and family.
  • Please let us know all yahrzeit observances you would like to be notified of. Please write the following information: 1) English & Hebrew Name of the deceased; 2) English or Hebrew Date of Death; 3) Your relation to the deceased.
  • Please let us know all birthdays you would like to be notified of. We encourage you to include children and grandchildren, so we may all share in these simchas! Please write the following information: 1) Name of Child/Grandchild; 2) English Date of Birth; 3) Your relation.
  • Please let us know all anniversaries you would like to be notified of. Please write the following information: 1) Name of couple; 2) English Anniversary Date; 3) Your relation (if applicable).
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  • Please select your payment options. If you choose “Paypal”, please click the “donate” button after you are redirected to the checkout page. If you select “Installment Payments,” our Administrator will contact you at the number you provided above.