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Chosson Bereishis Auction


Chosson Bereishis Aliyah

One of the most coveted Aliyot of the year, Chosson Bereishis is the first Aliyah of the Torah. It celebrates new beginnings. The accompanying MeSheberach is rife with blessings. Additionally some say that there is a special segula for getting married or one’s children getting married.
You now have the chance to bid on this Aliyah in honor of a family member, friend or loved-one!

Starting bid is $950.

To bid, fill out the below form. Upon receipt of your bid, you will receive a confirmation notice indicating receipt. Bidding ends and the winner announced on Monday, October 24th at 12pm.

*If you are outbid, you will be notified via email with an opportunity to increase your bid!

  • The Opening Bid is $950. You will be notified if you are outbid with the opportunity to increase your bid.
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