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5779 Sukkot Schedule

  1. Lulav & Etrog Pickup: Friday morning, September 21st.
  2. Reserve for Simchat Torah Dinner, Thursday evening, October 1st (see below).
  3. Preorder Hoshanos for use on Hoshana Raba (Sunday, September 30th) with Rabbi Stewart 

Sukkot Day I (Sunday Eve. & Monday, September 23-24)

Sunday Evening

6:31pm Candelighting (l’hadlik ner shel Yom Tov & Shehecheyanu).

6:30pm Mincha

6:45pm Short Shiur by Rabbi Stewart

7:00pm Maariv

Kiddush after 7:25pm (hagafen, mekadeish yisrael …. leishev, Shehecheyanu)

Monday Morning

8:45am Shacharit  (Hoshanot with Lulav & Etrog; Drash by Rabbi Stewart) Kiddush

Sukkot Day II (Monday Eve. & Tuesday, September 24-25)

Monday Evening

6:30pm Mincha

6:50pm Shiur by Rabbi Stewart   

7:05pm Maariv

7:23pm Candlelighting (with Shehecheyanu)(earliest time; light from an existing flame)

Kiddush order is hagafen, mekadeish yisrael, Shehecheyanu, leishev.  

NOTE:  Shehecheyanu is said before the bracha of leishev basukka. (No new fruit is needed.)

Tuesday Morning

8:45am Shacharit (Hoshanot; Drash by Rabbi Stewart)


Tuesday Evening

6:25pm Mincha

6:45pm Shiur

7:15 Maariv

7:24 Havdalah

Chol HaMoed (Wednesday-Friday, September 26-28)

Shacharit: 6:30

Mincha/Maariv: 6:25pm

Shabbat Chol HaMoed (September 28-29)

Friday Evening

6:23pm Regular Candlelighting  (“lihadlik ner shel Shabbat”)

6:25pm Mincha, followed by Maariv

Regular Shabbat Kiddush, adding leishev basukkah.

Saturday Morning (No Lulav & Etrog) 

8:45am Shacharit (Hoshanot for Shabbat; Reading of Kohelet; Drash by Rabbi Stewart)


Saturday Evening

5:55pm Mincha (At the Westwood Kehilla)

6:15pm Seudat Shlishit in the Sukkah (Rabbi Stewart will Speak)

7:05pm Maariv

7:17pm Havdala

Hoshana Raba (Saturday Eve. & Sunday, September 29-30)

  There is a custom to spend time learning on Hoshana Raba night.

Sunday Morning

Shacharit: 7:30am. Extended pesukeid’zimra, and extended Hoshanot with Lulav & Etrog.   Hoshanot for the Arava Beating ceremony will be available in the Shul for purchase on Hoshana Raba.

Shemini Atzeret(Sunday Eve. & Monday, September 30-October 1)

Sunday Evening

6:20pm Candelighting (l’hadlik ner shel yom tov and Shehecheyanu). We sit in the Sukkah for both night and day meals but do not make a bracha of leishev  basukkah. No Lulav and Etrog. Special Prayer is said as we depart from the Sukkah usually a bit earlier on Shemini Atzeret Afternoon. Many do not sleep in the Sukkah.

6:20pm Mincha

6:35pm Short Dvar Torah by Rabbi Stewart

6:45pm Maariv

Kiddush order is hagafen, mekadesh yisraelShehecheyanu.

Shemini Atzeret (Cont’d)

Monday Morning
8:45am Shacharit (Drasha by Rabbi Stewart; Yizkor at approximately 10:15am; Geshem [Prayer for Rain] is said at Mussaf)


Simchat Torah (Monday Eve. And Tuesday, October 1-2)

Monday Evening

6:20pm Mincha

Shiur and Auction

7:15pm Maariv

7:15pm Candlelighting (with Shehecheyanu) (earliest time, from an existing flame); Kiddush order is the same as for Shmini Atzeret

Hakafot, followed by Shul Dinner.  RSVP at avistewart@gmail.com for Shul Dinner by September 26th.


$23/nonmembers/ $10kids/$60/Family

If you have a credit card on file, the office will run your card based on the reservation. If sending in a check, please write Simchat Torah Dinner in the memo area.  

 Tuesday Morning

8:45am Shacharit (followed by Hakafot)

Kiddush at approximately 9:45 am

 Tuesday Evening     

6:20pm Mincha, followed by Neilat haChag

7:05pm Maariv

7:12pm Havdalah

Weekday Schedule, Wednesday – Friday, October 3-5)


Wednesday and Friday, 6:45am

Thursday, 6:30am

Mincha: 6:20pm

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Wiesenthal Awardee Speaking at Westwood Kehilla

On Tuesday, March 20, 2018 at 7:30 pm, Raheel & Sohail Raza will speak on ‘The Passion & Politics of Islam.”

Raheel Raza is President of The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow and author of the book, “Their Jihad – Not My Jihad.” She is an award-winning journalist, public speaker, and activist for human rights. Raheel is in Los Angeles this week to accept the Medal of Valor from the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

Sohail Raza is Director of Forum for Learning, Vice President of CPCMO (Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations) and a Director with The Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow. Sohail is an airline veteran of 30 years. In his last assignment, he worked closely with law enforcement and corporate security.

Admission is free — Please join us at the Westwood Kehilla for this important event!



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