Uncovering the Secrets of the Meggila: Part 1

Part one of a series of three in which we discuss the style of the record of the Purim story and why it is written in such an obscure format. In which we discuss Achashverosh’s thought process and his strategies to turn the Jewish people away from G-d.  And in which we set the stage for the rest of the story.


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Moving Yom Kippur Song and Story

Each year, I hope that when recollecting the Yom Kippur War at Unetaneh Tokef , it will be with the comfort of knowing that there are no more wars to be waged and that Israel will dwell in eternal peace.
The situation with Iran and Syria appears to grow more intense every day – and as such, our kavana is needed more than ever. “Aizo lacherev, v’aizo lashalom.” [Adapted by Rabbi Steweart from Jonathon Novich].

A second version of the tune may be seen:

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Song of Mourning – Song of Hope

The Three Weeks are a time of national mourning.  Historically, the Jewish people have suffered during this period of time. From the destruction of the two Temples in Jerusalem to the expulsion from Spain, this span of days has been a time of sorrow.  The song below is composed, arranged and preformed by Ari Goldwag.  It stirs the heart and comforts the soul. The words come from the Lamentations that are recited on Tisha B’Av eve.  It translates as: “For how long will we cry?  For how long will we mourn Jerusalem? [G-d] have mercy on Zion and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.”

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