Leading a Spiritual Life

Spirituality and religion are two familiar terms.  What exactly do they mean?

Religion is the way we act, the way we behave. The things we do. Rituals tradition etc.

Here in our parsha we have mention of many commandments.  Many commandments regarding the holidays. Commandments are a function of religion.  They are ritualistic in nature. However, they have the potential to be more that. For they have the potential to be spiritual as well.

Spirituality is the covert thought process. The ideas. The fantasies. The emotions. The sense of wonder.

Years ago I watched “A Stranger Among Us,” a film written by a close friend of mine’s father.  Written by an Orthodox Jew.  And I remember thinking to myself as I saw the scenes in the shteeblach in Williamsburg, that looks so strange. It bothered me. So I was thinking – what was the film lacking?  What was missing? I think that the actors got the ritual right.  The behavior is imitate-able.  But there was something missing.  There was no soul.  There was no neshamah.

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