Order a Purim Basket Today

Purim is coming! That means it’s time for our Mishloach Manot program – those wonderful Purim baskets that will be sent in your name to your friends at the Westwood Kehilla, and that you can also send to friends, family, business associates, and people in the community to create a sense of friendship, unity, and holiday happiness.

Sending to Kehilla Members & Friends.  For $190, all Kehilla Members & Friends on the list will receive a high quality, professionally prepared basket in your name, as well as the names of others who have sponsored the basket.  Each basket is individually put together and includes a bottle of sparkling cider, kosher wine, hamantashen, fruit, candies and other snacks!  All orders must be receive by Tuesday, March 11th, 2014.

Purchasing for Friends and Family outside the Kehilla.  We are making these baskets available for $80 a basket (plus shipping, if requested) and can arrange discounts for orders of five or more.

Baskets can be picked up prior to Purim, for self-delivery or shipping and Recipient Baskets will be available at the Westwood Kehilla on Friday, March 14, from 9 a.m. to 12 noon.

We wish you a Purim Sameach, and thank you in advance for your generous support of the Purim Basket Program.

To Order a Purim Basket online, please click here.

Or feel free to call our offices at (310)441-5288ext.2 or email and we can take your order phone or email.


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Moving Yom Kippur Song and Story

Each year, I hope that when recollecting the Yom Kippur War at Unetaneh Tokef , it will be with the comfort of knowing that there are no more wars to be waged and that Israel will dwell in eternal peace.
The situation with Iran and Syria appears to grow more intense every day – and as such, our kavana is needed more than ever. “Aizo lacherev, v’aizo lashalom.” [Adapted by Rabbi Steweart from Jonathon Novich].

A second version of the tune may be seen:

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