Westwood Kehilla

About The Kehilla

The Westwood Kehilla is an Orthodox synagogue committed to a halachic approach to life and communal affairs while remaining engaged in the modern world. It is home to both Ashkenazim and Sephardim; sharing a community.

The Kehilla is unique in two main aspects. It hosts one of the most diverse communities in the area. In addition, the community strives to provide a warm atmosphere to all, visitors and regulars alike. The two ideas combined allow us to reach out to Jews along a broad spectrum of knowledge, belief and religious practice in a welcoming, non-judgmental way.

By providing religious services, education opportunities, communal activities and home hospitality, the community seeks to share the riches of Judaism and to encourage spiritual growth in all who come through its doors. In short, the Kehilla is an Orthodox synagogue for everyone.